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Living in Norwich

Just as the overall size and location of a university will have an impact on the learning experience it provides, so the numbers of international students will play an important part in the cultural environment of the university.

The philosophy that guides our international student strategy reflects the value we place international students engaging the specific features and characteristics that make a British arts education truly outstanding.

We want international students at NUA to take ownership of their entire educational experience. By that we mean that you should feel confident taking advantage of the facilities and asking questions of peers, lecturers and technicians without hesitation. We also mean to help you integrate without discomfort and adjust to your new life in a foreign country quickly and free of anxiety. This means you get the most out of your investment and the University benefits from helping you make a personal contribution to campus life.

The size and scale of NUA means we take a very individual approach to supporting you and all of our international students. Therefore we aim to offer you the level of support and guidance that you feel you need. At a course level, the lectures and technicians will recognise you as an individual and work with you to achieve your goals. NUA provides a wide range of institutional support services available to all students. This individual approach is reflected in our international student orientation and social programming.

We recognise that international students will have additional challenges in adapting to living and studying in what will initially be an unfamiliar environment. The International Office organises coordinated orientation events and a social programme that facilitates your independence in a flexible way. International students are allowed to engage the International Office and Student Support Services at their discretion and throughout their career at NUA.

The international student body is composed of unique individuals with varied tastes and interests. Overseas students will adjust to life in the UK in their own time and in their own ways. Students will respond to the demanding pace of their course in different ways. Adjusting to speaking exclusively in English will be something students handle differently. Therefore, we have an open door approach that allows every single international student to get the support, guidance and encouragement they need when they need it.

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University accommodation

Find out about accommodation options available to NUA students, including details of the All Saints Green development which is scheduled to open in 2015.

Living in Norwich

Consistently rated as one of the safest and ‘greenest’ cities in the UK, Norwich combines a rich heritage and history with an exciting and contemporary atmosphere. Find out more about living in Norwich.