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Fees, Finance and Scholarships

We are confident that our tuition fees reflect the exceptional academic and student experience for which we are recognised year after year.

By investing in a specialist university you benefit from world-class technical and artistic facilities, hands-on workshop instruction from experienced practitioners and studio-based tutorials with accomplished academics. At NUA you see and feel the result of your investment every day.

Your education is also an investment in your future. Studying abroad is one way to stand out from the crowd when you enter the job market. At NUA we want to make sure that our graduates have pertinent intellectual and technical skills. That is why every course regularly liaises with industry professionals to scrutinise course curriculum and ensure it is responsive to the ideas, technology and trends shaping industry.

Pursuing a degree qualification is a big financial commitment for UK and international students alike. For international students there are more things to consider when calculating the cost of your education and personal finances. This will be of particular concern for parents – whether they are contributing financially or not. You’ll be on your own so it’s important you choose a place where you can be happy but also safe, comfortable and afford to enjoy your life as a student in the UK.

While it is crucial that you attend the university you feel is the right fit for you, keep in mind that your experience will be informed by your university’s location and the cost of living in that place. In addition to the fees, think carefully about how much you will pay for accommodation, utilities, transportation and food. As a student studying a creative arts subject in a practice-based environment, the cost of the books and materials you will need is a very important consideration. Although we will be expecting you to be working hard during term-time, you will undoubtedly want to enjoy yourself, so consider the costs of a social life. Don’t forget to take into account any travel plans you have in mind while studying in the UK.

Try to balance what you want from the place you live with these costs. After all, you don’t want the cost of living somewhere to prohibit you from experiencing all the things you moved here to enjoy.

Apply for NUA 2016 International Scholarships

Applications for our NUA International scholarships are now open. The scholarship aims to assist talented international students in their first year of study at NUA. There are two undergraduate awards available, one £5,000 award and one £2,000 award. There is also a postgraduate scholarship available as a £2,000 award. The scholarship is available to all new overseas-fee paying students who have firmly accepted an offer with NUA. Students who have been awarded advanced entry are not eligible to apply. The deadline for scholarships applications is Friday 10 June 2016.

If you currently hold an offer from NUA and would like to apply for the scholarship, please contact Rhian by emailing international@nua.ac.uk. If you have not made an application to NUA but would like to apply for the scholarship, there is still time, please contact us at international@nua.ac.uk to find out how you can make an application.

International tuition fees

For fees that apply to all non-EU citizens, to include students from the EEA, visit Fees and Finance.

Paying the right fees?

If you believe that you are eligible for home fee status you should check the guidance issued on the UKCISA website. If you find that you meet the appropriate criteria for home fee status please email registry@nua.ac.uk. You should resolve this issue as soon as possible as it may impact the deadline for your application.