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Make Your Application

When you are ready to apply it is important to stay organised.

Make a list of what you will need to submit and mark important deadlines in your personal diary. If you need to arrange to have a document sent to us or if you have to schedule an English language exam, mark this down. Note which documents or exam results you are responsible for submitting and what will be submitted automatically on your behalf. We recommend that you ask someone reliable to proofread your application materials and give you feedback on your personal statements and portfolio images. Above all, leave yourself enough time.

The application process happens in three equally important stages. Before an unconditional offer of a place can be made you must have completed every stage.

  • Formal Application – to include satisfactory academic qualifications and successful completion of an approved English language exam (where applicable). If at the point of application you are still studying or awaiting the outcome of school examinations and/or English tests, the offer that may be made to you following the interview will be conditional on these outstanding elements being resolved.
  • Portfolio – a body of work that allows the University to understand your practice as an artist and assess your technical and creative potential. This is your chance to show what you can do artistically and what you care about creatively.
  • Interview – an informal face-to-face conversation between the applicant and NUA staff, including members of the relevant course team.

The following sections can guide you through each step of this process. Please read them carefully. Get in touch with us if you have questions at international@nua.ac.uk.

When to apply

EEA and Non-EU students can apply up to three weeks before enrolment. Special consideration can be made for applicants after this period.

MA applicants can apply up to five weeks before enrolment. Special consideration can be made for applicants after this period.

Before you apply

Electing to study at NUA means you are committing to a very demanding course of specialist training and academic study. Before you apply we want to make sure you fully understand what you are applying for. There is a lot to consider. Foremost you should have a good understanding of the course you want to undertake. But you should also consider the way we approach teaching at learning at NUA. Are you satisfied with the quality of our workshops, equipment and the amount of contact you would have with teaching staff? If you’re not a native English speaker, do you feel confident that you can pursue a degree in another language? Is the size of the University and the student experience appealing?

Do your homework. Use the British Council website Education UK to find out about other UK universities and visit their websites. Examine their course pages, Facebook pages and look at the work their students produce. Don’t forget to find ask about the professional opportunities they provide and how they support their international students.

To find out more about NUA check out a full listing of online events and the education exhibitions we will be attending around the world.

We want you to be confident that NUA is the right place for you to make a big personal, financial and creative investment. If you are confident we know that you will commit to your education and that we will commit to you.

“Throughout the international application process the staff has been so responsive to every detail. We would like to thank the staff for all they have done for us. We are thrilled to have a student at NUA.”

Tina and Gerard Pearce

Open Days

We’d love to
meet you

For international students in the UK why not attend one of our free Open Day events? These events are held throughout the year for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students to visit the University’s studios, workshops, media and production labs and lecture rooms. Most importantly you can find out key details about the course from course leaders and current students.

For applicants outside the UK we are happy to welcome you and your families and friends to visit any time of year. We can easily make arrangements for a campus tour and, where possible, to meet staff from the course you’re interested in – even at short notice. If you are planning a visit to the UK, get in touch with us to arrange a personal visit at international@nua.ac.uk.

Understandably a visit simply isn’t possible for everyone. For this reason we have developed online resources that can allow overseas students to get to know NUA through films, brochures, and live presentations.

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