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Sinead Evans

My practice is visual communication and my artistic and academic preoccupations are to understand how we translate visual language; the potential of materials to play on our tacit knowledge; and how as practitioners we reflect on and articulate our process of making and thinking.

I am currently undertaking a practice-based research project that investigates the potential visual language of raw materials used in ceramics. The natural dramatic quality of geology and the more refined and functional language of industry speaks easily through clay and the raw materials mixed to make glazes. The time and space to experience mistakes and failure is important to my process of discovery and learning. The resulting publication will act as a taxonomy of visual languages, and will be contextually framed by a series of short critical articles that use different references and sources to disseminate the visual findings.

I feel it is important to communicate my research process and contribute to an on-going production of knowledge that can be utilised, questioned, debated or refuted in a pedagogical context. Through talks, publications and involvement with various journals I aim to contribute to, learn from and further the contemporary critical discourse around the discipline of Illustration.

Research and Practice

  • 2015: Book review: Lawrence Zeegen’s ‘Fifty Years of Illustration’ for The Journal of Illustration, Intellect
  • 2015: Research Residency- Ceramics Department Morely College, London
  • 2015: Exhibition- MADE, Morely Gallery, London.
  • 2015: Contributing Researcher – OFFA funded research into online assessment tools for formative and summative feedback in Art and Design disciplines, Kingston University
  • 2014: Panelist- Varoom and Crowd Talks discussion on ‘Style’, Hoxton Gallery, London
  • 2013: Publication- ‘Make More Mistakes’ a critical article exploring the role of play and failure in the teaching and learning of Illustration, Studio Operative
  • 2013: Article- ‘Reflective Practice’ Limner Journal 3, Studio Operative
  • 2013 – 2015: Contributing Editor: Limner Journal, Studio Operative
Sinead Evans

Sinead Evans


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