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Reenie Elliott

My practice, teaching and research are intertwined, spanning from architectural design and drawing to the representation of cities, contested spaces, and invisibility. I established my architectural practice as a consequence of a decade designing ‘star-chitecture’, an experience that was exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure. By designing buildings for the worlds most extraordinary clients, with successful engineers and consultants, I found that the opportunities of the invisible architect were many, while the disadvantages of invisibility were few. One could establish a terrain of research and pursue a consistent line of enquiry without being bound by the mediated demands to which the star-chitect is subject. I’ve run projects in contested spaces, states and divided cities in Czechoslovakia, Ireland, Berlin, Dunkirk, Cyprus, and the Airplane Graveyards of Arizona.

My research, ‘On Visibility and Power in Divided Cities’, allows me to combine these practices of invisibility with spatial analyses of urban conflict. A key concern is to challenge the assumptions linking visibility with power, by reviewing spatial practices and inventions such as escapology, observation and subversive spatial strategies. In the assessment of formal and informal military infrastructures, I chart the emergence of postmodern tactics for spatial appropriation.

Reenie Elliott

– Reenie Elliott

Dublin Quays Airport

– Dublin Quays Airport

Jubilee Line extension

– Jubilee Line extension


– Newcastle

Will Adams

– Will Adams

Chadwick Road

– Chadwick Road

Old Street Restaurant

– Old Street Restaurant

Culture Filter

– Culture Filter

Fire Station

– Fire Station